The Scar Work Course

“Do you hate how your scar looks? Are you tired of being sidelined from your desired activities? Are you suffering from pain and not living the life you want because of pain related to scarring? Have you tried everything to fix it, but feel let down?  

Abdominal Scar Work Course

  • Learn How To Ease Pain Related To Scars And Regain The Life You Desire
  • Learn how scars affect how you move
  • Learn how scar tissue affects you physically and emotionally
  • Learn a simple 15 minute protocol that can help change your scar and your muscle function

“During my first session, I literally cried. I didn’t realize how traumatic the surgery and car accident had been to my body. I felt like a piece of me was missing. I can’t fully explain it, but when your body isn’t properly working the way it was created to, it can be a mind bender. I saw immediate relief after the first session and my scar became less pronounced as we worked on it.”


C Section Scar
Notice the progression of this scar from left to right. The connective tissue surrounding the scar smooths out with each successive treatment. Remember: scars are projects!