Scar Resources

SCARS: More Than Skin Deep

Scars tell the story of our lives, and everyone has at least one. But for many people, the  appearance of these scars can cause them to feel uncomfortable or unhappy with their appearance. It’s not just cosmetic…scars can affect your skin, connective tissue, organ function, brain and emotional state. Both old and newer scars (including tattoos and piercings) can be a contributing factor to pain and impaired movement. Addressing the physical and emotional components of skin trauma is an important step in the prevention and treatment of chronic pain. 

5 Ways Your Scar is Asking for Help

A "Must See" for anyone who has a scar or ever had surgery!

Click the link below to gain access to this helpful free video and learn about more resources from
The Scar Lady.

The Scar Lady Journal


This journal contains 9 prompts to help you process and heal from both physical and emotional trauma surrounding surgeries and skin trauma.
Work through it at your own pace to find emotional freedom.

Scar Taping Video


Learn how to use kinesiology tape to improve the mobility of your skin and connective tissue 24/7! Your brain LOVES this improved feedback from your skin, and this can help change your muscle use for better movement. 
This powerful technique only takes a few minutes to apply, and your scar improves while you do other things. 


You’re invited to join the Women’s Scar Support Group on Facebook. Dr. Jen is available for questions and support/encouragement here. Learn more from Dr. Jen and from others who are going through the similar issues.