Shoulder Scar Work Course



This course is for anyone who has had shoulder surgery – even laparoscopic surgery which leaves smaller scars. Scars of any size can have a surprising effect on the surrounding muscle tissue, including your neck, upper back, and arm. Scars change the way your brain engages your muscles for movement.

  • Does the skin around your scars feel tight?
  • Is your shoulder range of motion limited?
  • Do your scars have an “indent” or look like a valley? Is the scar tissue raised?
  • Does your other shoulder, arm or back hurt after the rehabilitation process?

Older scars can be a root cause of current aches and pains or movement issues. It is never too late to address the physical and emotional aspects from scar trauma.

This courses includes:

  • a graduated strength program
  • demonstrations on how to assess scar tissue
  • education on how to help your body’s muscles function better
  • explanation on how scars impact your brain to muscle communication
  • revelation on how scars affect your emotions and nervous system

BONUS: Scar Taping Video ($19 value) and The Scar Lady Journal ($9.97 value)

After purchase, you will receive a PDF download immediately which gives further instruction on how to access this valuable course.