Breast Scar Work Course



This course is for anyone who has had breast surgery – even laparoscopic surgery or biopsies which leaves smaller scars. Scars of any size can have a surprising effect on the surrounding muscle tissue and the connection with your brain. Recommended for post-mastectomy, breast reconstruction, implant or explantation, or DIEP surgery.

  • Do you have tightness or pulling in your chest or shoulder?
  • Does your back or neck hurt?
  • Do you have to buy certain fabric textures because rough fabrics irritate your scar?
  • Can you move your shoulders and arms freely?
  • Do you have lymphatic drainage blockages?
  • Is your balance off?
  • Do you exercise often but have a hard time building strength?
  • Can you ‘feel’ all your muscles engage with workouts or activities?
  • Does your scar tissue “indent” like a valley, or is it raised?

Older scars can be a root cause of current aches and pains or movement issues. It is never too late to address the physical and emotional aspects from scar trauma!

Three courses are combined to properly address breast scars since issues can radiate to various nearby muscle groups like the shoulder, back, and core muscles.

Each of the courses includes:

  • a graduated strength program,
  • demonstrations on how to assess scar tissue,
  • education on how to help your body’s muscles function better,
  • explanation on how scars impact your brain to muscle communication,
  • revelation on how scars affect your emotions and nervous system.

BONUS: Scar Taping Video ($19 value) and The Scar Lady Journal ($9.97 value)

After purchase, you will receive a PDF download immediately which gives further instruction on how to access this valuable combination of courses.